Symphonies in Architecture

Ode to the Stars and Stripes

Minuet in Blue


Opus 9 the Balance of Strings

Prelude in Sonata

No. 5

‘Symphonies in Architecture’, part of a series of works based on the events of September 11th 2001, captures those split seconds between life, and death, and reflects them back at you.

Visually the work concentrates on the bold graphic lines of the architecture, but psychologically and underneath it all, it talks of a society and media that would rather not see, or think about, the people who lost their lives falling from the towers. By giving expanse to the architecture in the image, the jumper almost becomes a ‘blot on the landscape’, something you want to erase.

Artistically, the work plays on the element of hide and seek. By not focusing on the real subject matter it makes you question. By not knowing of what it speaks, you can only guess your answer. But once you really see, all original thought is gone. And it is in those split seconds, between the death of your previous and original thought, to the life of a new thought, that ’Symphonies in Architecture’ exists.
For the questions and answers you give, are but a reflection of you.