Postcards from Grace

The Natives Spoke of Magic Trees

Far From Home

When the Leaves Fall

Once there was Fire

Laughter Most Welcome

There in the Stars

Still Waters May Fall

I Will Always Remember in Fields of Joy

Coming Up Through Waters I Still Saw Beauty

Whichever Way we Turned the Rivers End

Even on Darkest Shores

Hell Was in the Eye of the Storm

The Last Wave

There is a very British saying ‘ to keep a stiff upper lip’, to be resolute and unemotional in the face of tragedy or adversity. Ask a British person whose world is falling apart, ‘how are you?’ and you will usually hear ‘fine, thank you’.

Postcards from Grace shares our psychological need to tell ourselves and the rest of the world that everything is fine, because the truth out loud may make it more real, the truth out loud may not help us, the truth out loud may just crush us.

Postcards from Grace is about cancer.

When viewed under the microscope this still largely mysterious disease becomes a familiar landscape, in a place you don’t want to be, to the postcards you send, speak without saying, say without telling, these are the postcards from Grace.